ZoneMist Quick Connect

ZoneMist Quick Connect

Zonemist Quick Connect Disinfecting System – NEW!

Surface cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are a continuous and ongoing practice, especially now with the global Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19, along with a wide variety of other contagious germs and viruses, can live on surfaces for hours, days, and even weeks.

Disinfecting is becoming paramount and in most cases requires daily intermittent disinfecting treatments.

Discover how our unique system can save time, money, and manpower. Zonemist can disinfect multiple units and thousands of cubic feet in minutes.

Sanitize and disinfect cars, planes, busses, trains, shipping containers, tractor trailers, and airports.

Components of the Quick Connect System include a fluid storage tote, control unit and pump, nozzles, fluid lines, 3-way convergence coupler, and a 4-way convergence coupler.


October 7, 2020


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