Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

70% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer Gel
JTG Group has negotiated a sole source agreement with a U.S. based company (Georgia) for
hand sanitizer gel. Below are details of the product:
Product is 70% to 80% Ethanol gel
Manufactured in the U.S. from ingredients from the U.S.

Available in many sizes, including:
2 oz • 1 gallon
4 oz • 55-gallon drum
8 oz • 275-gallon tote
16 oz • tanker
32 oz • Other custom sizes
2 oz bottle has a cap, all other sizes have a cap or pump
Manufacturer is FDA registered
Product has NDC codes
Product has approval from Health Canada
Canadian bottles currently are printed dual language in English and French
Labels can be customized
MOQ is 20,000 for any size bottle (some exceptions for lower MOQ)
US standard branding is SaniClean
Canadian standard branding is LifeToGo


October 15, 2020


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