ZONEMIST™ is an innovative smart technology driven, fluids delivery system.

Zonemist uses a high pressure delivery and network system which transports select fluids, formulas and or gasses throughout indoor environments such as food processing, healthcare facilities hotels commercial buildings and transportation and shipping units.

Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA) is the generation of safe, effective, environmentally-friendly sanitizing disinfectants and cleaners bypassing ordinary water containing dissolved sodium chloride, through an electrolytic cell (Electrolysis). It has been repeatedly shown that micro-organisms cannot build up a tolerance to ECA technology.

Industries Served

  • Healthcare – Medical – disinfects air through misting, produces sterile water, cleans surfaces
  • Industrial Cleaning / Disinfecting – Clean-in-place (CIP) cleaning and disinfection
  • Food Processing – equipment cleaning without further additives, surfaces disinfection in the production
  • Pools – effective biocide, does not irritate eyes and skin, easy to use and handle
  • Hospitality / Cruise Industry – food washing, dish washing, produces sterile water, disinfects air through misting
  • Breweries – pipeline protection and disinfection, bottle washing, installation rinsing
  • Cooling Towers, Waste Water, Poultry Industry, Dairy Industry, Horticulture, Agriculture, Livestock

Featured products

  • Zonemist System – 24/7 On-demand smart building systems; sanitize hundreds of thousands of sq. ft. coverage in-minutes!
  • Zonemist Quick Connect Disinfecting System – a  unique system that saves time, money, man power by disinfecting multiple units and thousands of cubic feet in minutes
  • ZM Reverse Osmosis Unit – for ECA Feed Water, Boiler treatment, spot free rinse, ice making, research and medical labs, food and beverage processing
  • ECO H2O Generators – Electrolyzed water generators for low cost water treatment, surface disinfectant, restaurant table cleaner, bathroom disinfectant
Zonemist Systems for Disinfectant, Sanitizing