JTG Group, LLC

JTG Group provides critical personal protective equipment and related products.

JTG Group’s solutions can meet virtually any need and budget.  JTG has an exceptional ability to locate, procure and deliver products anywhere in the world in time frames that are sensitive to the current pandemic and can rapidly meet one-time or recurring supply needs.

The Alpharza Platforms

Alpharza has a full spectrum system to address the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the globe, including an internationally patented and FDA-approved disinfectant solution that is harmless to humans and allergen-free. This system is capable of reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus as well as other viruses on a molecular level from all surface areas without the adverse effects of other chemical solutions.

  • AlphaTunnel – available in 5 meters (up to 1200 people/hour) and 3 meters (up to 600 people/hour)
  • AlphaCabin – disinfecting, automatic body temperature reading, add-ons for facial recognition, automated contact-tracing, etc.)
  • AlphaCart – atomizes solutions, electronic display, flexible hose
  • Bio Control Module – automated control barrier takes body temperature with add-on facial recognition

Featured products

  • Hand sanitizer (2 oz through bulk sizes; made in the USA)
  • Masks (N-95, KN-95,3-ply Surgical)
  • Gloves (Nitrile examination, powder free)
  • Protective Clothing (Isolation gowns, medical jumpsuits, coveralls, face shields)
  • Sanitization Systems (reduces spread on a molecular level)
  • Covid Test Kits (rapid test kits)
  • Personal Protection Kits (includes masks, microfilters, gloves, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer)
  • Testing Equipment (infrared thermometer)
  • Disinfectant Products (MicroSure cleaner and disinfectant; hand sanitizer)


JTG Group PPE Supplies