Alpharza provides full spectrum antimicrobial systems to fight COVID-19 and future viruses

Alpharza has a full spectrum system to address the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the globe, including an internationally patented disinfectant solution that is harmless to humans and allergen-free. This system is capable of reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus as well as other viruses on a molecular level from all surface areas, humans, plants, and animals without the adverse effects of other chemical solutions.

The Alpharza Platforms

Alpharza products are designed to meet virtually every need from stationary, high-volume pass-through disinfecting stations that can be scaled up to include security features like weapons/explosives/drug detection, with auto-lock for both doors for security personnel.  Also supports wellness checks, and contact tracing to enhance  targeted mobile surface sanitation options.

Office and Convention Spaces I Schools I Airport I Hotels and Casinos I Entertainment Venues I Playground and Amusement Centers

  • AlphaTunnel – available in 5 meters (up to 1200 people/hour) and 3 meters (up to 600 people/hour)
  • AlphaCabin – disinfecting, automatic body temperature reading, add-ons for facial recognition, automated contact-tracing, etc.)
  • AlphaCart – atomizes solutions, electronic display, flexible hose
  • Bio Control Module – automated control barrier takes body temperature with add-on facial recognition

Éviter: THE Solution

Éviter, the ground breaking solution used exclusively in Alpharza’s disinfecting systems eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, trypanosomes and mycobacteria. Over the last several years, it has been used to prevent the progression of influenza viruses and Ebola across the globe and is most currently being implemented against the COVID-19 virus. It provides residual protection on skin for up to 24 hours, on clothing/fabric for up to 48 hours, and up to 72 hours on wood and plastic.

The patented active ingredient in Éviter, NBELYAX which is only two Nanometers in size, is the most advanced antimicrobial in the world. It is a nano-biomolecule acting as a programmed biocatayst, designed to penetrate pathogenic micro-organisms and thus destroy their DNA and RNA. Unlike common disinfectants and antiseptics, Éviter will not harm the user in any way. It eliminates all types of pathogenic micro-organisms and as there is no transfer of genetic information it does not allow them to develop a resistance and become ineffective.

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